General accounting

We carry out your company's general accounts in accordance with the SNC and the best practices in the sector.

Cost center accounting

We organise accounting by cost centre for companies that need to analyse the profitability of their services by site, by shop or by the organisation's various business sub-units.

Accounting audits

We audit the accounts that have already been finalised in order to verify the consistency of all the records and the reasonableness of the corresponding tax or accounting results.

On-site accounting

We carry out the accounting work at the client's premises, using your or our management programme. In this way we streamline all decision-making processes for your management team.

Accounting recovery

We make up for delays or shortcomings in accounting information using our own resources or in collaboration with the client. A rigorous analysis of your tax and financial situation will support our work.


Tax planning

We optimise our clients' tax burden, taking into account the impact of the various management choices made, and taking advantage of legal mechanisms to achieve greater tax efficiency.

Tax litigation

We check the reasoning behind the decisions taken by the Tax Authority in the application and determination of tax fines and the revision of taxes following inspections.

Complaints and objections

We process the hearing and defence, as well as the review of tax acts and the respective challenge before the competent authorities.

VAT refund

We apply for VAT refunds from the tax authorities in Portugal, but also in the various countries of the European Union.


Support for setting up companies

We formalise all the administrative procedures for setting up a new company, both as support for entrepreneurs and on their behalf.

Business plans

We carry out a preliminary analysis and profitability study to draw up a business plan to be used when applying for funding, setting up companies or launching products.

Company valuations

We determine the value of your company after carefully evaluating the business using various quantification techniques. This process makes it possible to measure management efficiency and make decisions to create value.

Profitability analysis

We calculate the profitability of your business using the most widely used and respected indicators and calculation formulas. This analysis allows you to check your company's performance according to the stage of development of your activity.

Support for credit lines

We identify the most appropriate line of credit and support and prepare the documentation so that you can apply for it. This service includes a prior analysis of the organisation's needs.

SME certification

We certify SMEs with IAPMEI, based on the accounting and financial records of recent years. This certification is essential for most applications for support and credit lines.

Merger - Acquisition

We analyse, advise and prepare merger, demerger, incorporation and acquisition projects, taking into account tax, corporate and legal aspects. Our guidelines are to protect the return on these operations as much as possible.

Investment project

We create and analyse investment projects, based on a strategic analysis of the business, an economic and financial feasibility study and the best management practices.


Salary processing

We calculate and process the monthly remuneration amounts for the company's employees, based on the information provided by the entrepreneur. This process allows you to benefit from our advice and reduce the amount of withholding tax and social security contributions.

cost allowance map

In collaboration with your company's partners, managers and employees, we draw up monthly cost allowance statements, accompanied by professional counselling that will enable you to reduce the cost of employee remuneration.

Single report

We fill in the single report on your company's social activity, in accordance with the obligations laid down by the ACT and depending on the framework of your company and employees. This report is produced annually on the basis of the information provided.

Administrative management and tax litigation

We carry out all the administrative management of your company's staff with Social Security and other organisations, applying the best practices in the sector, including advice on litigation.


Issuing invoices

We issue and send invoices on behalf of our clients, on your company's letterhead, according to your instructions and as part of a simplification of your administrative work, in order to avoid the need to purchase invoicing software.


We collect from your customers by telephone, letter and email, so that you can concentrate on the company's main areas of activity. This service applies to both normal and overdue charges.

Corporate minutes

We draw up corporate minutes, such as opening books, submitting accounts or convening general meetings, among others. This service is accompanied by advice on the best practices for shareholders' agreements.

Changes to the society

We draw up and register all the changes to companies decided at general meetings, such as the appointment of a manager, transfers or acquisition and/or changes in share capital, among others.



We submit the IRS electronically, regardless of the type of income and whether it originates in Portugal or abroad. This service is accompanied by a prior analysis of the most favourable framework for the taxpayer.

Issuing green receipts

We issue green receipts and rent receipts for sole proprietors, as well as electronic sales receipts, always analysing the best VAT and withholding tax framework.


We deliver quarterly VAT statements for sole proprietors, taking into account the type of professional expenses that may be deductible and duly registered. The support of our professionals guarantees the quality and accuracy of the declaration.

Non-habitual residents

We request the status of clients who may fall under this clearly favourable tax regime, verifying the correct classification of the taxpayer and the type of income they earn abroad.


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